“War is what happens when language fails.” – Margaret Atwood




Neo Brasilia, Brazilian the capital of USSA, centered in the middle of the South American continent. Where the powerful and almighty politicians and Corp.men strive, and the poor wallow in their misery or turn their gaze to criminality.

Brasília is the skeleton city on which Neo Brasília was built on, around 2015 it was considered as one of Brazil's richest cities, full of mansions and pools. It had the biggest GDP of the old country and other social-economical prowess. It had become a city-state of crime around 2035, a place full of prostitution, drugs and weaponry, just like the twentieth century Kowloon fortress. It happened, right after Brazil went bankrupt over years of corruption, resulting in the country’s simply imploding under itself.

Neighbouring countries, that suffered the same plague, corrupt officials and booming old manipulating mega-corporations, soonly after, joined that old South American giant in poverty and turmoil, but I diverse. The international community didn’t really understand what happened in South America; UN, NATO, the old BRICS [economic coalition that Brazil was part of] or even the RSII coalition. It was said that nothing could stop the chaos coming from that part of the world. After many tries, the world just let the continent go, stationing some military bases and some nautical restriction.

UN forces entered the country during the beginning of the civil war to try and dismantle some of the WODs and inactivate some of the Nuclear power plants around South America, before they would leak radioactivity to the environment. Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana were used as Regional Military Bases (RMB) by the North Americans, French and Russian as a way for most of the citizens to permanently emigrate from the lost continent.

After some fifteen years the revolt, the anarchy and the killings started losing its initial drive. The RMBs around the continent, especially in Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, watched as the continent started to reorganize their resources and internal government. Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay united, as one of the strongest belic and natural resource force in the World, founding the USSA (United States of South America) under the government of a special parliament consisting of 3 delegates from each country. This strength came from one of the most expensive ore in our planet, niobium, after years of internal strife the new government finally organized the extraction of this mineral.

Politically and socially it was an incentive for a rebirth in the region, a leader in each area of importance for the people were elected: an Economic Minister; an Infrastructure Minister and a Legislative Minister was sent to the parliament to decide the fate of the new country. Reopening to international commerce in 2050 and refurbishing its infrastructure with the help of some famous Corporations and interested First world parties.  

As for the other countries, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, since the downfold of their puppet governments all the barons of Coke, Heroin and other lab fabricated drugs in the world saw in these 5 countries a free haven to build everything they desired. Not considering the local market and barons, every criminal in the world flew, swam or walked to the biggest Drug-State of the world and as natural as a dog and a cat a war inflamed in that part of South America.

After twenty years of the First Drug War, a woman, Loyola Sousa de Alencar, started unifying forces with the locals and some old drugpins of the land to exterminate the influence of external Crimelords. In 2075, she had the control of all the region and nominated herself as Imperatrix of El Dourado, the Drug-sin-crime-freestate country of the world. As a good drug queen she has small branches and places around the world in which she can sell her products, like the Calango’s Den in Brasilia.

After the opening of the market and the lifting of the embargos in the USSA, some corporations ran back to the natural resource enriched lands. Where they established with local parliament a workforce agreement of refurbishing the infrastructure in return they would win lands as properties. So, some old car, construction, technological and megacorporation conglomerates came to the fray, obviously, changing their names and as shadow companies, so that they wouldn’t tarnish their household names. Been some years since all this happen.

            And that is where and when we are… 2084, near South Lake District, a.k.a. Calango’s Den, city of Neo Brasilia the old Brazilian capital.

USSA 2084

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