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Behold the Dragon, he says that mystics are dangerous. I asked why… he didn't answer.

Starting our Neo Brasilia show

Organizations – Frightful, organized, chaotic, religious, atheist, purposeful, without a north. Everything that has at least 4 people involved…

Shadowrunner – Somebody needs to make things work, somebody must oil the machine with their sweat and blood. Many times the latter makes things complicated.

Cyberspace – "Well those boys from MMORPG finally done it, now I can't even scratch my but in my bathroom without sometype of personal invasion from those kids" – said an ancient millenial. Here is where things begin, and most of the time where it ends. Jack'In or Jack'Out there is no question.

Tech – Where there is a will there is a tech. So, this part is about the crazy things, the fantastical engineering og human kind, be it cyber or bio.

Briefings – Things that passed, things that are passing, things that just arrived, things that can kill you and things that can make you powerful, magical or rich… the wisest choice would be not to open this, but frankly who wouldn't

Main Page

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